The primary glass manufacturer in Russia
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Management system is certified in accord with requirements ISO 9001:2015
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Management system is certified in accord with requirements IATF 16949:2016


Management system is certified in accord with requirements ISO 9001:2015
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Conformity with European Standards

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Glass is an integral attribute of modern comfortable life. However, typical sheet glass does not provide us the necessary comfort and beautiful design.

The reputation of float glass as a "high-tech", functional, elegant and multipurpose material continues to strengthen. It is actively used in the manufacture of windows, furniture, various interior items, accessories and attributes of modern life providing comfortable environment to work and relax and allowing creation of spectacular design and business, laconic style.

Also float glass is the main product for producing architectural, low emissivity and safety glass including glass for the transport industry.

Special type of glass that is used in construction.

Modern innovative architectural and low-emissivity glass in combination with high energy-efficient properties transforms the appearance of many cities and makes modern architectural structures elegant and comfortable for living.

Our solutions for the production of this type of glass allow us to state that this is a reliable time-tested energy-efficient solution for today and tomorrow.

This product helps to solve a wide range of tasks including energy efficiency - dramatically reduce heat losses without losing the quality of natural light.

Safety glass and double-glazed units have been widely used in various industries: it is an indispensable building material and an indispensable element of vehicles.

Safety glass - tempered and laminated - decorates the interiors of our houses: tables, glasses for ovens, partitions, shower cabins, shelves and splashbacks.

JSC "Salavatsteklo" produces glass containers of colorless glass. The bottle is made with the help of 8 sectional machines (Blow-Blow) of HEYE INTERNATIONAL (Germany). The production is equipped with inspection equipment of quality control by company SGCC (France).

The production capacity is 100 million glass containers per year. The company produces more than 60 types of glass containers. Storage of products is provided in closed buildings. There is a possibility of rail shipment and road transportation.

The company's strategy is aimed at constant improvement of product quality and increase in production capacity.

Product soluble sodium silicate is a chemical compound of inorganic origin that is also called metasilicate sodium, sodium silicate glass.

Sodium silicate is in high demand in various industries and it is used for the production of liquid glass, putty, casting, flotation, for catalysts, adsorbents, for the production of welding electrodes, synthetic detergents and chemical industries, white soot, adhesives, coatings, impregnations, for paper production and construction needs.

The product of liquid glass is an aqueous alkali solution of sodium silicates.

The great popularity of liquid glass is due to its wide range of applications in various industries, the value of properties and environmental friendliness of production.

Perfect examples of the use of liquid sodium glass are:
- manufacture of household chemicals;
- as an antiseptic on various surfaces.

Liquid glass has a high chemical activity: it reacts with many components that make up the building materials (solid and liquid).

The mirrors are made on the basis of high grade clear flat glass and mass-painted glass. Silver compounds are used in the technological process of mirror production, that allows to achieve high reflection coefficient.

High-tech European equipment and the quality management system of JSC "Salavatsteklo" allows to produce high quality mirrors.

Стекла с лакокрасочным покрытием (ЛКП) Privaline изготавливаются на основе высокомарочного бесцветного листового стекла, окрашенного с одной стороны специальной органической безвредной краской, не содержащей вредных компонентов и ядовитых соединений. Стекло является экологически безопасным и применяется в интерьерах помещений.

Интерьерное стекло Privaline имеет идеально глянцевую поверхность, в процессе эксплуатации не выгорает, не выделяет никаких токсичных веществ, представляющих опасность для здоровья человека и окружающей среды. Используется в оформлении интерьеров офисов, жилых и коммерческих помещений, ресторанов и т.п. Существует возможность применения в помещениях с большой влажностью. Не требует специального сложного ухода. Выдерживает температуру до +80° С.

About company

JSC "Salavasteklo" is a complex of modern high-tech productions in the glass industry that offers a lot of topical solutions for construction and industry.

Our strategy is to promote the development of personnel and modern production technologies.

About cal
55 year
of successful development in market
About people
of high-experienced specialists
About assort
of product assortment
About weight
1500 tons
of glass melts per day
June 30, 1962
The date of foundation of
Salavat factory of industrial glass
March 1972
Start of production
of bent tempered glass
June 1998
Start-up of first line
of glass container production
September 2008
Renovated production
of soluble sodium silicate
August 1963
Start-up of window-glass production
with capacity of 9 mln.m2
January 1981
Start of production
laminated glass (triplex)
October 2001
Start of production
sodium water glass
December 2006
First shipment of float glass
with size “Jumbo”
December 2012
Production of glass with
low-emissivity soft coating

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