Tempered laminated glass and glass units

Tempered glass, multi-layered and double-glazed windows are glass products, which provide absolute safety, long years of reliable operation, home warmth and comfort in all conditions for our customers.

Safety Glass and double-glazed windows have been widely used in various industries: it is an indispensable building material and an indispensable element of vehicles. Safety glass - tempered and multilayered - decorates the interiors of our houses: tables, glasses for ovens, partitions, shower cabins, shelves and splashbacks in the kitchen.

Safety tempered glass for ground transportation

Glass can be manufactured with holes, protective decorative edge, electric rear window glass for cars. In accord with request of the customer, it is possible to apply decorative silk-screen printing to the glass.

The assortment is presented by tempered safety glasses for automotive brands:


Multilayer safety glass for land transport

Glass safe for land transport is obtained in the process of gluing glass blanks. Glass multilayered safe for land transport is produced with the shape of flat and curved. It is possible to produce glass consisting of two, three or more layers on it as well as a protective and decorative edge printed using silk screen printing.

The curved multilayer safety glass for land transport is produced with a maximum size of 2650 * 1400 mm, the maximum longitudinal deflection arrow is 430 mm. Flat glass for land transport is produced with a maximum size of 2600 * 1400 mm.

All products are certified.

Package: Wooden boxes, special metal containers.
Shipment: Wagons, containers and self-collected.

Glass units for land transport

Double glazing for land transport is a modern alternative to single glazing for public transport, special equipment, tractors, subway cars and passenger trains. The use of double-glazed windows provides noise insulation, safety and energy saving in the heating of salons of all types of transport.

Double-glazed windows for land transport are made of high-quality tempered glass of our own production: transparent, tinted in bulk (bronze and gray) with silk-screen printing.

Double-glazed windows for land transport are homologated for compliance with the requirements of UNECE Regulation No. 43.

Tempered glass for construction and household purposes

Safety Tempered Glass is more durable than float glass in 5-6 times. When Safety Tempered Glass is being broken, numerous tiny pieces are formed, and the probability of cut considerably decreases. Glass can be made with holes, cutouts, with application of paint (stemalite).

Multi-layer glass for construction and household purposes

The multilayer flat glass is made with the thickness from 6 mm to 20 mm (depending on the purpose) and it is a combination of several glass sheets of different thicknesses from 2.5 mm to 8 mm that is interconnected with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film.

Multi-layer glass for construction purposes is manufactured according to customer specifications, using color and colorless film.

Double-glazed windows for construction

We produce double-glazed windows single-chamber and two-chamber from high-quality glass. In accord with request of the customer it is possible to produce insulating glass with different combination of glasses in terms of thickness, processing method and characteristics:

  • decorative frame (layout)
  • tint film
  • high-impact film
  • glass with energy-saving coating (I-glass)
  • glass with a high-selective coating (solar protective or multifunctional)
  • glass tinted in bulk
  • tempered glass in a glass unit
  • multilayer glass in a glass unit
  • coating of stemalite
  • non-rectangular insulating glass units (except arched)
  • double-glazed windows of arch form
  • filling with argon

Double-glazed windows are large products consisting of two or three sheets of glass connected together on the contour by means of remote frames and sealants forming hermetically sealed chambers filled with dried air or another gas.

The use of a flexible spacer frame in a double-glazed window makes it possible to form angles in the form of a bend so that the number of possible depressurization places decreases from eight to one.

Protective multilayer bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass is a combination of several sheets of glass of different thicknesses, joined together in a unit with polyvinyl butyral film (PVB). Bulletproof glass withstands the impact of firearms and prevents the through transmission of the injuring element. A protective film is applied on the back side of the bullet-proof glass that ensures safety.

In accord with order of customers, protective multilayer bulletproof glass is made of colorless glass, decorative with a reflective coating, and also with using of color and colorless film.

Glass multilayer bulletproof is used wherever a combination of transparency and protection against firearms is necessary.

All products are certified in the GOST R system.

Thickness: from 20 to 42 mm (depends on purpose).
Maximum size: 1500*1800 mm.
Package: Wooden boxes.
Shipment: Wagons, containers and self-collected.

Glass for greenhouse complexes

Glass sheet and tempered that is used in the construction of industrial greenhouses.

The main requirement - light transmission - is ensured by high quality raw materials and modern production technologies.

Purchase Order and delivery

Shipment is carried out by road transport (1,5 tons, 3,0 tons, 5,0 tons, 20 tons), by rail and also in terms of self-collected.


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