Float glass
and glass tinted in a bulk

We produce float glass and tinted in bulk glass by the method of float process that allows to manufacture products of high level quality and excellent optical characteristics

Length and width of glass, mm:
Glass thickness, mm:
1,8 – 12,0


  • in the construction industry (for the production of insulating glass, tempered glass) - window and facade structures, atriums, showcases, dormers, glazing of balconies and loggias, entrance groups, winter gardens, etc.;

  • in the automotive industry (in the production of safety glass for land transport);

Types of float glass:

М0 - for the production of plate-glass mirror
M1 - for production of coated glass and safety glass for land transport
M4 - for the production of furniture made of glass, windows and other structures

At present, an assortment of tinted glass is represented by three products (colors):

  • gray
  • bronze
  • golden-bronze
More details about the glass characteristics you can find here

Stages of production

Preparation and charging of the batch into the glass furnace
Forming a glass tape on a tin melt
Flashing of glass tape
Quality control and cutting glass tape
The removal of glass from the line by automatic stackers
Packing and shipping to customers

Clear glass

Clear Glass has high light transmittance and transparency and, at the same time, provide sufficiently high values ​​of the thermal insulation coefficient. In other words, due to its transparency, clear glass allows sunlight to get inside the room, and the heat accumulated inside the premises and heat energy from the heating objects reflect inside the room.

From a technical point of view, such glasses are polished glass, which is coated with a special coating of metal oxides, which reduces the fraction of energy radiated by the glass towards this coating.

Glass tinted in a bulk

Glass tinted in bulk is made from raw materials, into which, during the manufacture, various substances are added that color the finished product in the desired color. Most often used intermediate colors are colors between bronze and brown, gray and green.

It is also possible to produce glasses of other colors. Glasses painted in bulk are known as solar control or absorbent glasses, as they absorb more light and thermal solar energy than conventional clear glasses.

Purchase Order and delivery

Shipment is carried out by rail, road transport in HGV and special semi-trailers (INLOADER), as well as on self-delivery conditions.


The entire production process is certified according to international standards ISO and CE


We can deliver our products to any place in the world by transport companies


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