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Service and support of the product

The company "Salavatsteklo" is interested in building long-term relations with partners and customers.

The activity of the company "Salavatsteklo" is not limited to the delivery of glass to consumers.

The company provides a wide range of consultations and technical support to its customers:

  • advising architects, customers and other contractors about products;
  • carrying out all necessary calculations to select the optimal configuration and structure of glazing for a particular object;
  • departure of the technical specialist directly to the glass recycler for selecting the operating modes of the equipment and ensuring the quality processing of the glass (cutting, machining, tempering, etc.);
  • prompt solution of all emerging issues.

For detailed advice on all emerging technical issues, please contact Salavatsteklo Technical Support at +7 (3476) 37-70-72 or send us an email letter.

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Production and testing laboratory of JSC "Salavatsteklo" accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation as a Testing Laboratory, Accreditation Certificate No. RA.RU.21ST

The accreditation area of ​​the laboratory includes testing of float, tempered, low-emissivity, solar, multifunctional glass, soluble sodium silicate, analysis of waste water, industrial emissions, factors of the production environment.

The testing laboratory of JSC "Salavatsteklo" offers its services in testing glass and materials used for the production of glass and glassware.

The contact person:
Head of the laboratory Inna Chertykova
Phone: +7 (3476) 37-70-55

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Sale of non-seller goods

The group for sales of waste products and non-seller goods and materials that are sold to organizations and private persons from JSC  Salavatsteklo:

  • equipment, pre-owned;
  • chemical reagents;
  • non-seller instruments;
  • common consumption goods.

Contact Information:
Group for sales of waste products and non-seller goods
tel / fax: +7 (3476) 37-70-70