Privatline glass with a paint coating is made on the basis of high-quality colorless flat glass, painted on one side with a special organic harmless paint that does not contain harmful components and toxic compounds. Glass is environmentally friendly and is used in indoor interiors.
Privaline interior glass has a perfectly glossy surface that does not burn out during operation, does not emit any toxic substances that pose a danger to human health and the environment. It is used in the interior design of offices, residential and commercial premises, restaurants, etc. It is possible to use it in rooms with high humidity. It does not require special complex care. The glass withstands temperatures up to +80 ° C.
Privaline glasses are available in five colors:
  • – Privaline Black 9005
  • – Privaline White 9010
  • – Privaline Brown 7013
  • – Privaline Light Brown 1236
  • – Privaline Light Beige 1015

Purchase Order and delivery

Shipment is carried out by rail, road transport in HGV and special semi-trailers (INLOADER) as well as on terms of self-delivery.


The entire production process is certified according to international standards ISO and CE


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