Health center

There is a service at the plant whose staff takes care of the health of JSC "Salavatsteklo" employees. This is a feldsher's health center that is open from 08.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. (without breaks and days off). The head of the health center, advanced paramedic practitioner, is Oksana Kurbangaleyeva.

The main task of health center paramedics is to prevent diseases and provide emergency assistance to employees.

Medical personnel annually participate in the regular medical examinations: a fluorographic, X-ray, preventive examination of workers with harmful and dangerous working conditions and gynecological examination of women.

All units are supplied with first-aid kits in a timely manner to provide self-help and mutual assistance.

Health improvement of workers working with harmful and dangerous working conditions is carried out twice a year.

The health center paramedics conducts vaccine prevention against tick - borne encephalitis, diphtheria and tetanus, influenza, hepatitis B. Also, planned medical and preventive measures, sanitary and educational work are constantly carried out.

But these are all preventive measures.

The main task of the paramedics of the health center is to provide emergency and urgent care for injuries, sudden illnesses, poisoning and serious conditions.

Our paramedics take all decisions independently by themselves. The life and further ability to work of the sick or injured depend on their knowledge, abilities, professional skills, and resourcefulness. The health center paramedics V.S. Barabanova and T.V. Borisova are very responsible, competent and love their work. The main assistants to paramedics on calls are drivers Gilmiyarov T.N., Panov V.P., Rud A.P. and Khayretdinov T.I. Also the cleaning specialists Subkhangulova L.G. and Ochkovskaya A.M. are assisted to paramedics to save the cleanliness in the health center, regularly conduct current and general cleaning.

The medical staff of the health center is trying to do everything to reduce the incidence of sickness among the employees of the enterprise in all respects.

Contact person:
The head of the health center Kurbangaleyeva Oksana
Telephone: +7 (3476) 37-72-03

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