The list of works

The list of works carried out by the sections for the divisions of JSC "Salavatsteklo".

Section for the control of float, safety glass and insulating glass units

  • Optical distortions of the glass visible in transmitted light (on the” Zebra” unit)
  • Optical distortions of the glass, visible in transmitted light (on the "Brick Wall" installation)
  • Optical distortions visible in reflected light (distortion of the reflected raster)
  • Coefficient of light transmittance
  • Coefficient of light reflection
  • Difference in birefringence (number of residual stresses)
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation
  • Mechanical strength of tempered glass
  • Protection class for tempered glass
  • Nature of destruction of tempered glass
  • Geometric dimensions, deviation from the flatness of coated glasses
  • Inspection of the defects in coated glass

Section for coated glass

  • Coefficient of total solar energy transmission (solar factor)
  • Transmission coefficient of ultraviolet radiation
  • Shading factor
  • Color coordinates
  • Emission factor
  • Resistance of the coating to the air environment

Analytical section

  • Soluble sodium silicate (weight ratio of silicon oxide, weight ratio of sodium oxide).
  • Sodium liquid glass (physical form, weight ratio of silica, weight ratio of sodium oxide, silicate module, density).