Instructions for apply the ideas

If you have an idea to improve your work or the activities of the Company, then you need:

1. Contact the curator (list in the application).

2. Design your idea.

1. Option

2.1. Fill in the application form in electronic form on the website of Salavatsteklo JSC in the section Career / Innovation. The filled form is sent to the commission.

2. Option

2.2. Fill in the application form on paper. Application forms are placed:

  • in the network folder \\ Filesrv \ documents ORP \ Provisions on benefits;
  • on the announcement board of the department.

2.3. The statement with the conclusion of the Manager is to provide with a convenient way for you:

  • the curator of the department;
  • or the secretary of the commission Solovyova N.A. (room 321, 3rd floor OSB1)

3. The secretary of the commission shall register the application, send it to the members of the commission for consideration.

4. Within 3 working days after the date of submission of the application, the secretary of the commission will contact you.

We are looking forward to your ideas!