Rinat Kulumbaev

Team leader of servicemen of glass automatic machines and semi-automatic machines of containers production

How did you know about Salavatsteklo?

I worked in a neighboring factory. It has just closed so I began to find job and know about the vacancy at Salavatsteklo. At that moment the servicemen are wanted in Salavatsteklo. In May 1998 I began working in glass containers workshop.

Were there any difficulties?

Sure, there were some problems because I didn’t know anything about equipment. I saw a furnace for the first time in my life , I trained everything during the working process and had some failures , of course. That was a hard time for me.

How do you plan your work day today?

I'm a serviceman, I've always had a lot of responsibility, but now, when I became a Master, I added responsibility for people, but today when I organize cross-over – I prepare for it every day!

Can you say that you grew up during this time as an employee?

I have a lot of experience but I cannot say that I grew up. I have worked for almost 20 years, and when I face with new problems, I understand that I do not know everything yet, there is much to grow and learn. There is no limit to perfection, I think. I consider myself as a patriot of Salavatsteklo, I cannot imagine my life without a factory!

Your parting words to the young employees of the plant…

Just work! Put life into your work! And do it with pleasure! Everything will be ok!