Irina Baranova

Master of production safety glass and glass units

How did you know about Salavatsteklo?

I first came to the factory right after my maternity leave. I was offered different working specialties. One of the suggestions was to go to the Stalinist workshop where I liked everything immediately: the conditions of work and warm greetings of my colleagues.

The first working days?

It was very difficult! I never dealt with glass, everything was new. Often there was a desire to give up working here. Sometimes I cried that I could not do what I had to, this type of work is not my cup of tea. And at that exact moment I received a lot of help from my Masters. They did not leave me alone, they supported me. Moreover, this is their big merit that I'm still here.

What is the most important thing for you then and now?

What is the most important thing for me is the quality of products. Now we are trying to match the quantity with the quality. I can say without any doubts that my team is professional!

Has anything changed since then?

The requirements became harder. It is directly connected with consumers because we are considered with their opinion. The technology has completely changed, the equipment is new. I have come as a driller's student but now I have a basic profession of the quenching. Also I mastered many additional professions. All these factors lead to development and stimulate workers.

What is necessary to become successful?

We need to start with ourselves, educate ourselves; develop such personal qualities as responsibility and discipline! If the result depends on me, I do not need to be talked for many times. We need to develop the ability to hear, understand, and of course, have a sense of patriotism to your work place and factory!