Albert Shakhmaev

Operator of vacuum-spray process

How did you know about Salavatsteklo?

I knew about company Salavatsteklo when I started my serve apprenticeship being a second year student at the university. When I came to the plant I was sent to the section of nitrogen production. So I met the Master who had a significant impact on my desire to work here. He is a Master of the nitrogen section, Shamil Smakov.

The first working days…

They began in 2013, after graduating from the university, when he was interviewed for a new site for the production of energy-saving glasses, and was adopted! Everything was new! New equipment, interaction with foreign specialists….

Has anything changed since then?

Of course, a lot has changed! I was entrusted with the team, I became more responsible, responsible for people, for quality. I came here as a student, after jumping over the 5th rank, I passed it immediately to the 6th. This year I got the 7th grade, I consider this to be my achievement!

What is your plan of working in Salavatsteklo in 5 years?

I would like to become a technologist.

What is necessary to become successful?

You should be more responsible about our work, be careful, develop your skills and read additional literature. Forge ahead!