Union organization

The territorial trade union organization of JSC "Salavatsteklo" unites employees of the company. Registered number of members is 1228 people. The trade union organization of employees of JSC "Salavatsteklo" is a legal entity since 1993. It operates on the basis of the Regulations, the Charter of the Trade Union and the legislation on trade unions of the Russian Federation. The parts of the trade union organization of JSC "Salavatsteklo" are: trade-union conference, trade union committee, chairman of trade-union organization and auditing committee. In the period between regular conferences, the governing trade union body is the trade union committee, which is accountable to the conference. The current membership of the trade union committee was elected in October 2014 in the number of 5 people. The chairman of the trade union organization is Veniamin Rakitin.

Contact person:
The Head of labor union organization of JSC Salavatsteklo
Veniamin Rakitin
Tel.: +7 (3476) 37-70-89, +7 (3476) 37-70-89

Web-site: profsalstek.ru