Priorities and mission of company

Our mission is to facilitate the development of initiatives and the promotion of modern technologies.

We understand our mission in a broad sense.

We see the need to promote the development of our company ahead of our competitors through the use of modern technology and the potential of our employees.

We manufacture products that are in great demand among people all over the world in construction, energy, transport. Each of us every day, doing our job, makes additional efforts to achieve greater results in order to exceed the expectations of our clients. The development of the potential of our company and the introduction of new products and directions develop our industry and allow us to obtain more advanced and technological products for consumers.

Perspective: to be an international leader in the production and sales of flat glass, soluble sodium silicate, sodium silicate liquid and glass containers, offering a wide range of solutions for the construction and industry.


- development of the company;

- qualified personnel;

- satisfied client;

- occupational safety;

- product quality.