Received new innovative ideas for consideration


The Commission for the consideration of innovative ideas received the following documents:

- Application No. 28 of 01.08.2018 "to Conduct automated containers (Property consumers, property Companies)", the author - a specialist in snap-in, Psbis S. V. Almakaeva, co - software engineer ICU Makarov I. V.;

- Application No. 29 of 03.08.2018 "Determination of silicate module SNR values of pH (similar to the rapid method)", by the production technology of silicates (TS) Abrakova N. F.;

- The act of introducing the idea of "Redundancy of the testimony of W/e weights on the node of loading p/wagons" (statement No. 24 of 23.08.2017, author – weigher SS Tuktarov F. V.; co - weigher PS Urazgulov A. M.).