Invent. Create. Implement.


       At the next meeting, the Commission considered five new ideas of the Company's employees. Three ideas are recommended for implementation:
- In addition, to connect the existing warning light and sound alarm with a decrease in water consumption through the hot water boilers of the boiler line-01, using the existing KIP", author Khasanov R.;
- To perform a window opening in the wall of the water treatment room for unloading bags of salt directly from the car body to the salt storage area in the room, the author R. Khasanov.;
- "Productivity increase output of standard Low-E glass formats 2550*3210 and 3210*6000", author bikmuhametov A. V., technologist section of the coater PLC.
        Sent back for revision two ideas senior engineer peel Makarova I. V.:
- "Repair / repair of seals in the amount of three pieces for the spectrometer ARL OPTIM" X instead of buying new»;
- "Repair / repair of faulty xgbm (S703146T) electrical Board for ARL OPTIM spectrometer "X instead of buying a new one".
The authors of the ideas are encouraged by the award in the following amounts:
- Khasanov R. – 1000 rubles.;
- Bikmuhametov A. – 500 rubles.