Profession history

Profession of "glassmelter" (glassblower, blower) refers to one of the ancient professions with the art in its heart. Master passed their secrets (knowledge of the modes of melting glass, technology, chemical reactions in the glass mass) from generation to generation. Master-glassblower was often called a wizard because a work of art was born at the end of the glass-blowing pipe in front of everyone. Glassblowers have been trained in craftsmanship from an early age.
Having mastered the "khalyava" method of production of sheet glass, the profession was called "glass blower - khalyava." According to this method, the glass blower, using a tube, blew a "khalyava " (a cylindrical bulb) in several steps, then he cut the cylinder and straightened it, giving it the shape of a rectangular sheet. All activities were performed while the glass was in a plastic state. The quality of this sheet was low, but almost completely repeated the chemical composition of modern window panes.
At present, in the industrial production of glass, the main professions are: a glass maker, a glass ribbon forming operator, an operator of glass-forming machines, an operator of vacuum-spraying processes. Engineer-technologist manages the processes of glass making and glass production.