Glass containers

Glass containers are designed for bottling of alcoholic and nonalcoholic food industry.

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Lightweight bottles made of clear glass for food liquids with a capacity of:
from 0.15 to 1.0 liter

Configurations with a body diameter of not more than 90 mm, depending on the type of capping, any types of collars are produced.

We offer a wide range of standard and souvenir glass containers. It is possible to make a bottle according to the customer's drawings. In accord with request of the customer it is possible to develop drawings of an exclusive bottle in accordance with the stated technical requirement.

All products are declared with the requirements conformity of regulatory documentation.

Packing is made in pallets on wooden euro pallets of 1200 mm x 1000 mm.

Catalog of containers

Filter of capacity

Normal %d0%92 500 159 Bottle neck
Article В-500-159
Capacity 500 ml
Normal %d0%92 500 157 Bottle neck
Article В-500-157
Capacity 500 ml
Normal %d0%92 500 156 Bottle neck
Article В-500-156
Capacity 500 ml
Normal %d0%92 700 35 Bottle neck
Article В-700-35
Capacity 700 ml
Normal %d0%92 160 3 Bottle neck
Article В-160-3
Capacity 160 ml
Normal %d0%92 500 154 Bottle neck
Article В-500-154
Capacity 500 ml

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Shipment is carried out by rail, road transport in HGV and special semi-trailers (INLOADER), as well as on self-delivery conditions.


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